Preptober 2018

Here’s some more Preptober advice from my CP, Shelby.

Shelby Kisgen

Happy Preptober, Writers! I hope you’re off to a fantastic start, and if not, here are some tips and resources to get your creative energy flowing before NaNo descends like millennials on avocado toast.

  • World Building Worksheet – This questionnaire won’t disappoint. Don’t feel pressured to fill out every line. I put N/A on many questions, and then expanded and filled pages on others. It’s a tool to guide you and have fun with, so don’t get stuck in the details.
  • Fresh notebook – Few things are as exciting as the prospect of a fresh notebook. My mom gifted me with the pictured journal a while ago, and I’ve been saving it for a special project. That project is here, the time is now, and I’m nervous and giddy to scribble ideas on the pristine pages. IMG_20181008_171057
  • Pinterest: Go on an inspiration binge! I’m having a blast setting up a mood…

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